Managed Services

  • Managed Services

    In addition to standard services, Radore provides the below mentioned managed services in accordance with customer needs. Managed services are elaborated during project and proposal phases. Customers can benefit from these services by either purchasing monthly packages or hourly services.

Managed Services

Planning and Installation

As Radore Data Center, which adopts reliable and uninterrupted service as a principle with the slogan of "Uptime Experts", we also support you in your IT operational processes under the roof of "Managed Services".

We increase your operational efficiency by reducing your risks and costs with customized packages for your different needs.

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General Features

In all our services we offer within the scope of Managed Services, all activities such as installation, maintenance and update are carried out by our experienced technical team.

Operating System Management

We offer services such as installing, updating, maintaining the operating system of our servers with Linux and Windows operating systems.

Web Server Management

You can benefit from our services such as monitoring, installation, maintenance of the services of your web servers. Our professional team performs the necessary optimization and improvements for your server to perform regularly and efficiently with periodic controls.

Database Monitoring Service

You can benefit from our services such as monitoring, installation and maintenance of your database services.

Control Panel Management

Monitoring, installation, management and maintenance of Plesk, Cpanel, Directadmin control panels are carried out by our experienced team. Our team providing professional services follows up the technical problems of the manufacturer.

Terminal Server Administration

The management of Microsoft Terminal Server products is carried out by our experienced team so that they can work uninterruptedly and with the desired performance. 

Network Management

The network topology is designed in the most appropriate way for the systems you run and the management of the network is carried out without interruption with our redundant network structure.

Active Directory Management

The management of Microsoft Active Directory Directory Services and related services, the central management and delegation of user, group and resource access are carried out by our experienced team.

Exchange Server Administration

It is a service that includes the management of Microsoft Exchange products, centralized management of user, group and resource access, and delegation. 

Backup Management

It is the service provided for our customers in Radore Data Center who receive Managed Service (at least Operating System Management should be taken) and management is provided by our experienced team.

Replication Management

Replication service to Disaster Recovery Center (FKM) is carried out by our experienced team in line with the demands of our customers who are located in Radore Data Center and receive Managed Service (the latest Operating System must be taken).

File Server Management

The file server located on our client's Linux or Microsoft Windows-based servers is a service that includes the management of related services and roles.

Virtualization Management

Installation, maintenance and updating of VMware, Proxmox virtualization platforms are carried out by our experienced technical team. Support is provided in case of any problems.

Firewall Management

Firewalls protect your network and protect against external threats by preventing malicious internet traffic. The structure is designed in accordance with your internal systems and managed by the relevant department.

Load Balancing Management

Load Balancing Service for virtual or physical servers located in Radore Data Center is performed by our experienced technical team.

7/24 Monitoring Service

Server performance is monitored by monitoring the operating times, ping and http services of the services installed on the servers. Depending on the characteristics of the project, monitoring services are also provided for different services. The data traffic used by the servers is monitored daily, weekly and monthly. Monitoring of component resources such as processor, RAM, disk, installed services of the servers is performed. The server performances of our customers who receive managed services are monitored with this service.

* For Microsoft products, products that have not expired at the "Mainstream Support End Date" at https://support.microsoft.com/tr-tr/lifecycle/search?alpha=windows%20server are covered.

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