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    Safe and Fast Back Up
    With Back up Service, your cloud server will be backed up at Dell DR4100 over redundant network, which is special to R-Cloud structure

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    High Availability Advantage
    If you experience problems in R-Cloud's physical structure, your cloud's service will not be interrupted thanks to the cluster structure and redundant connection.

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    Hybrid Network Advantage
    At R-Cloud hybrid network, your physical and other cloud servers hosted at Radore work integrated with each other due to VLAN that you have defined special to your cloud server.

Service Packages

  • R-OnApp

    Starts from 53 TL/Mo. (VAT included)
    • 1 CORE
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 20 GB HDD
    • OnApp Infrastructure
  • R-Cloud

    Starts from 146 TL/Mo. (VAT included)
    • 1 CORE
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 20 GB HDD
    • VMware Infrastructure
  • R-Enterprise

    Virtual Data Center

    With VMware vSphere's ability to create resource pools, you can create your own virtual data center using CPU, RAM, disk and vSwitch components.




On R-Cloud, you can host the web sites that have up to 20,000 visitors per day, and meet your requirements for terminal server, accounting software, e-mail server, file storage server and DNS server. Create a tailor-made server fulfilling your needs.

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Public Cloud
R-OnApp Cloud

R-OnApp Cloud

R-OnApp Cloud

On R-OnApp Cloud, you can host the small or medium scale web sites, and meet your requirements for terminal server, accounting software, e-mail server, file storage server, DNS server, VPN server and finally small or medium scale application servers such as project management, failure tracking and CRM.

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R-Enterprise Cloud

R-Enterprise Cloud

With the resource pool attribute of VMware vSphere, the leading server virtualization platform for building a cloud infrastructure, we use the CPU, RAM, Disk and vSwitch components allocated for you in R-Enterprise Cloud to create a resource pool for your exclusive use. In this way you will have a virtual data center of your own. Two vSwitches for your personal use and no connection to other clients’ servers are also provided. You can use one of these switches for uplink (internet) and the other for your local connections. With R-Enterprise Cloud, you will benefit from managing your personal cloud platform by opening as many virtual servers within the limits of the resource pool created for you.

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R-Enterprise Cloud

General Features

Radore cloud services enable creating your own cloud servers by providing flexible use of the defined resources (CPU, RAM, Disk). The virtualization and network services are provided by Radore. Forming the platform on R-Cloud, R-OnApp Cloud and R-Enterprise Cloud does not necessitate any investment in technical infrastructure or employment of manpower. Thanks to "High Availability" enabled by the cluster structure, system sustainability is maximized. The ports of the switches used in network infrastructure have 10 Gbit/s capacity.
DELL Compellent SC9000 series (Fibre Channel) is used in the storage infrastructure, DELL PowerEdge M600 series is used in the server infrastructure, Brocade and DELL switches are used in the network infrastructure, and VMware infrastructure is used for the virtualization platform of R-Cloud and R-Enterprise Cloud.
And DELL SC800 series FC multi-tier storage is used in the storage infrastructure, two DELL switches on the Blade chassis is used in the network infrastructure, and DELL PowerEdge 420 series is used in the server infrastructure of R-OnApp Cloud.

Flexible Use of Resources

CPU, and RAM virtual servers may be increased without restarting. (Except R-OnApp Cloud)

Fast and Safe Back-up

If you benefit from our back-up service, your virtual servers are backed up through the back-up network on DELL DR4100 Disk Backup Appliance at a speed of 10 Gbit/s without any performance loss.

High Availability

Thanks to "High Availability" enabled by the cluster structure and internet access redundancy, system sustainability is maximized.

Standard Services

The services below are provided as standard Cloud services.

  • Defining rented IP addresses to switches and routers
  • Installation of VMware vSphere Client or OnApp server management interface
  • Installation of operation systems and software defined on the configuration page; monthly reinstallation
  • Detection and solution of Radore-caused server access and performance problems
  • Detection and solution of Radore-caused network problems (Speed problems, package data losses, IP and gateway control)
  • RDNS (Reverse DNS) processes
  • Creation and editing of DNS on the Premium DNS structure
In line with information technology rules, Radore does not keep username/password information of Cloud and services that are not included in managed services. Radore is not responsible for any operation system and software caused flaws that may occur after Cloud installation.


Please find below FAQs and answers about Cloud services. For more information, you may visit our Jet Support page.

Where are your servers located?
All of our servers are hosted inside Radore Data Center which is located in MetroCity.
What are the standard services included in your R-Cloud service?
Defining rented IP addresses to switches and routers and installation of Mware Sphere Client server management interface are services provided as part of this function.
Click here for detailed information.
Do you provide a service that enables me to view my server’s traffic/bandwidth reports?
Yes. You can view hourly, daily, weekly and monthly traffic/bandwidth reports of your server by accessing the details page of the relevant server on Radore ID (Homepage > My Accounts > Account Detail)
What are the procedures you follow in case of cyber attacks?
In case of a cyber attack, first the affected IP address is closed down to overseas access, depending on the location the attack comes from. If the attack comes from a domestic source, the IP’s broadcast is cut until the attack is over.


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