• RCD (Radore Cloud Datacenter)

    (Radore Cloud Datacenter)

    It is Radore's next-generation cloud platform equipped with up-to-date technologies. It consists of a cloud computing-based, flexible and scalable isolated IT Infrastructure Management Platform.

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General Features

Radore Cloud Datacenter is equipped with new generation technologies that offer cloud server infrastructures that can easily meet all the needs of businesses with virtual servers that are easy to manage and fast. 
You can benefit from RCD service for all the information infrastructure resources you need for your business processes, applications, websites or e-commerce infrastructure.
For more information and to purchase, contact us by sending an e-mail to satis@radore.com!


Quick Setup

With the determination of your system resources, you can perform server installation and your infrastructure can be made ready for use.

Flexible Structure & Easy Management

It offers virtual servers, virtual storage devices and operating systems that are easy to use and prepared in a short time. RCD users can easily manage their virtual servers through the portal, and they can proliferate and reduce system resources on a planned basis.)

Cost Efficiency

It greatly reduces your initial investment costs compared to your own IT investments. No device investment is required. In addition to getting rid of the maintenance, repair and costs of the devices you will buy, it ensures that you always use a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Technical Support

Thanks to Radore's experienced team, it offers an advanced technical support service.