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Being part of Radore

Radore gets its power from the Radore employees who work side-by-side, trust each other enough to turn backs on each other and communicate even with a glimpse of an eye. The unique Radore experience that Radore provides for its customers comes to life through the efforts of all Radore employees. Each Radore employee treats the consigned data, which is priceless, with utmost attention, does whatever it takes to provide a perfect experience for the customer.

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A Radore employee:

  • Protects what makes Radore unique.
  • In case of a problem, focuses only on the solution.
  • Has no sense of giving up.
  • Has only one face.

Radore employees are considered as Radore’s most valuable asset. This investment is strengthened by means of ongoing education, development and motivation programs. The aim is to enhance the occupational knowledge and skills of Radore employees, thus raising qualified professionals for the future.

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