Radore başarı öyküsü, Dell Storage Forum Paris 2012’de Dell tarafından broşür haline getirilip katılımcılara dağıtıldı.

Radore, Turkey

Radore, one of the largest web-hosting companies in Turkey, has reduced his energy usage with Dell products and solutions.

“We’ve been using Dell products for a very long time and we are content with the outcome. In our busines, with a 24×7 services requirement, continuty and trus are very important. We think we provide those to our customers with the right choice of products and solutions. Dell is a reliable company, not only for us but for Radore customers too.”

Zeki Kubilay Akyol, CEO, RADORE


In 2001, when OEM servers were predominantly being used, Radore needed a high-performance server and storage system infrastructure to create innovative, flexible, and advanced hosting services. The company’s customers have high capacity needs as a result of ever-growing internet usage, and also becuse of Turkey’s fast-growing nationwide internet infrastructure.


Radore’s data center services include server renting. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)cloud services, server hosting, server hosting and customer cabinet/cage renting. Offering this broad portfolio of services has been made possible largely as a result of the company’s relationshipwith Dell. Radore’s servicesare being provided on approximately 2000 “Dell PowerEdge” servers,  one “Compellent” array and 15 “EqualLogic” storage units.


  • High performance and scalable capacity in storage infrastructure.
  • Easy integration and system management
  • High levels of energy efficiency across the istalled base
  • Constant monitoring of data center hardware efficiency
  • Data center architecture and products are adaptable to changing needs

For three consecutive years, Radore has been Turkey’s most efficient private data center as a result of it’s use of Dell products and solutions. This efficiency has grown in line with capacity increases.